Our innovative Pricing Model for Text Alert

Here at CommunityAlerts.ie we like to keep things at a low cost for our new and existing customers and we offer a discount for any new customer who has switched from other service providers. The CommunityAlerts.ie model is to keep Text Alert affordable for groups of all sizes. Our model essentially involves a low-cost monthly service fee and in exchange for this you will receive cost-price text messaging at just 3.75 cent + VAT per SMS. You can also issue FREE alerts to any subscribers that has our free smartphone app installed on their Android or iPhone. Our cost-price SMS messaging combined with free app notifications ensures that your Text Alert is affordable to operate at all times.

If you shop around you will find that our competitors may not charge a monthly service fee, but they will charge almost double the price for text messaging. This means that groups who regularly use Text Alert are punished by other providers with higher rates. This can be compared to "Ready to go versus bill pay" phone plans ... our competitors are like a "Ready to go" service that has much higher running costs for calls and texts. Our model is more akin to the bill pay phone plan which, after the subscription fee, is far more cost effective and also includes better services. If you are not convinced of our model then use the comparison tool between our SMS rates and those of our closest competitor who charge almost double for text messaging.

You are also getting a far superior service with CommunityAlerts.ie. Our competitors simply send out your messages, and little else. Our service offers a range of add-ons and management tools that cater for the entire life cycle of Text Alert. In our view, sending texts is just the beginning of our role. We do not generate revenue from the individual messaging so it is in our interest to keep your running costs down as much as possible and we are very good at this. If your local Garda station is trigger happy with the alerts then it will add up in terms of SMS costs. We allow you to filter any incoming Garda alerts so that just your committee are initially alerted. If an alert isn't relevant to your locality then you can ignore this and make a saving each time. Our competitors offer no such filters and will be happy to see you issue as many SMS as possible. We also offer a free smartphone app to your subscribers to get alerts (much like a one-way WhatsApp service). App Alerts and notifications are completely free for your subscribers and the App is a free download for iPhone and Android devices. We are happy to use the monthly service fee as our sole revenue model for Community Text Alert, safe in the knowledge your individual alert costs are as low as possible and our service is better.

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