Providing a Breakdown of your Text Alert Logs in Excel

It is very important for Text Alert group managers to know how successful their SMS campaigns are in terms of delivery rates. A well known fact is that not all SMS will deliver. For example, some SMS will fail to deliver because of poor network coverage or the phone is switched off for a long period. In these examples the phone network attempting to delivery the SMS will give up after a few attempts, usually after 48 hours. In other cases a "ready to go" SIM card may not be able to receive SMS messages if it hasn't been topped up with credit in over 6 months. All in all, your SMS will fail to deliver from time to time and this is unavoidable. It is important that your SMS Service Provider lets you know what numbers regularly fail so you can check with the subscriber. does all the analysis for you through Excel.

When you log into your account you can export your Text Alert SMS logs through the following steps:

  1. Click on Account from the top menu
  2. Next, click on Request Delivery Logs from the left-hand side menu
  3. In the form that loads, just click the blue button to trigger a request to our servers. 
  4. You will get an email within a few minutes that includes lots of statistics and information about your SMS campaigns

The Excel attachment will open with any version from Excel 2007 and above, so there should be no compatibility issues. A number of data columns are included the file as follows:

  • Log Time - This is when receives a response from the phone network issuing the SMS. This best indicates the delivery time for the alert
  • Alert ID -This is the ID reference in for each alert. It should be used for any queries you have regarding an alert.
  • Status - Three possible results: Delivered, Undelivered, Unknown. "Unknown" refers to any response from the phone networks that are not confirmed as either delivered or undelivered.
  • Unit Cost - The base cost for an SMS with
  • Credits - If the content is 0-160 characters then it is charged at one credit, 160-320 = 2 credits, and so on.
  • Sub-Total - The base cost by the number of credits.
  • VAT - Each SMS is charged at the standard rate of 23% VAT.
  • Cost - The total cost to deliver the alert, inclusive of VAT
  • Group - This will usually be to your "Full Group", but in some cases if you issue to a sub-group then it will be identified here.
  • Message ID - This is our individual message reference. it should be used to query individual SMS deliveries.
  • Recipient Number - The mobile number of the person who got the SMS, structured as the international format (eg 353871234567).
  • Recipient Name/Code - This is the name used for this subscriber number in your account. This is helpful for tracking repeat failed numbers.
  • Edit Details - This is a web hyperlink to the subscriber's details page in your account. This is a quick way to reach the edit page for any subscriber. You should already be logged into for these links to work.
  • Alert Content - The content that was issued for the Text Alert message.

By including everything from the original alert content to the cost breakdown it means you can carry out as much analysis as you like. Some groups will be managed by people who are very familiar with Excel. We'd like to hear how you are using your Excel export to help track your costs, problem numbers, and anything else. Contact Us if you have a compelling story and we will publish it as a case study on the customer success portal.

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