Manage your Business Watch Alert Service

Comparing Community Text Alert Service Providers also offer mobile provider solutions to Business Watch groups. provide diverse alert and notification services across multiple channels which facilitates Business Watch groups to alert their members. Business Watch is a crime prevention programme, which provides a framework whereby the business community, can join together and be instrumental in preventing crime in their own community. form an integral part to the Business Watch scheme in offering a system, which will send your Business Watch information by SMS text message, email, app push notification or by landline.

It is founded on the same principles as Neighbourhood Watch, which is the practice of An Gardai and the community working collaboratively to reduce local crime. Business Watch has been very successful with a group of businesses in Portlaoise, who found it a useful solution to connect in relation to the circulation of counterfeit notes. Working so closely with local business and The Gardai hugely contributed to the eradication of counterfeit notes in the area

The main aims of Business Watch Alert are:

  • To reduce crime and suspicious activity around your business, including shoplifting, theft, burglary, purse snatching, and vandalism against and around business.
  • To raise awareness among business owners in the same geographical location of any suspicious activity that may be happening.
  • To communicate with the Gardai and other Business Alert members about ongoing concerns they may have about arising issues in relation to their Business location.

How Business Watch Alert Works

It works very similar to Community Text Alert and Neighbourhood Watch Alert. assist in facilitating this crime prevention scheme by acting as your provider for sending out information albeit by SMS test, email, app push notification or by landline call.

  1. To set up a scheme in your area, you must first set up a Business Watch Committee. Each group should establish its own procedures and appoint or elect its own officers. can provide your Business watch groups with assistance on printed AGM reports, Business Watch account management and much more to help you and your committee work efficiently and effectively.
  2. Contact the largest your community text alert provider in Ireland to act are your provider for Business Watch Alert.
  3. You should make contact your local Garda to establish a Business Watch Alert Area. You must now define and agree the geographical location of your Businesses to be mapped.
  4. You must collate all of your subscriber’s information on an excel sheet to give to for set up of your, Business Watch Alert.
  5. have a robust online account management system which will collate, manage review and evaluate all activity on your Business Watch Alert Account. The group manager will be able to monitor all information which is sent, where and when and review and send online payments where necessary.

Please contact us for further information when you are setting up your Business Alert Scheme in your area and see how working with makes the scheme easier, faster and simple to use. You can call us during weekday office hours at 01-2544363 or contact us online and one of our staff will get back to you. is a completely self-service online system, so you can also set up a free trial account which includes 100 SMS text message credits to help get familiar with the system.