Send Community Text Alert to +44 mobile numbers (NI/UK)

Northern Ireland numbers now accepted on now allows UK subscribers to be added in the same list as standard Irish mobile numbers. When you are adding a subscriber you can simply select the Mobile Prefix to include a +447X mobile number and then type the 8-digit mobile information as required. This feature was requested by a number of our Text Alert groups on both sides of the border and it makes lots of sense. Groups can now manage a single database of numbers, regardless of whether a number is +353 or +44. The cost to issue a UK SMS is also the same as an Irish SMS so no cost implications there either. is therefore now suitable to Northern Irish Neighjbourhood Watch groups as it is for standard Irish community text alert groups. Our service is used across the island by resident associations, local action groups (eg Tidy Towns) as we wll Community Text Alert and Neighbourhood Watch groups. Get in touch if you want to set up a group for your local area.

We want to switch to from a Northern Irish community-held phone

If you are already using a community-held phone then it is a very simple task to switch over to You will need to copy over your numbers to an Excel spreadsheet and email them to We will do the rest. If this includes +353 or +44 numbers (or a combination of both) then we will import as usual. Call us on 01-2544363 to get started.

We want to switch from a Northern Irish bulk-SMS service provider to

If you are with a Northern Irish bulk SMS service provider withy +44 numbers and have become disillusioned with their high SMS pricing and a lack of cutting edge administration features, then please get in touch with We can help you! Similar to above, you should request a copy of your existing subscriber database and forward it onto us as an Excel file.  Call us on 01-2544363 to get started.