How to Set Up a Garda Community Text Alert Scheme

An Garda Síochána Text Alert service, or better known as Garda Text Alert by

The most important aspect of almost every Community Text Alert scheme is establishing a direct link up with An Garda Síochána. When a suspicious incident is reported to the local Garda District HQ (as per official Garda Text Alert guidelines) the service provider needs to act quickly and be available to forward on the alerts 24 hours a day. carries out this task effortlessly and automatically. Our application has received wide praise from both community groups as well as Gardai across the country. The most common question we get from Gardai is "How do you send them out so quickly?", and the answer is very simple. We have developed our own award-winning automated service to do all the works seamlessly and in a timely manner. 

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Providing a Breakdown of your Text Alert Logs in Excel

It is very important for Text Alert group managers to know how successful their SMS campaigns are in terms of delivery rates. A well known fact is that not all SMS will deliver. For example, some SMS will fail to deliver because of poor network coverage or the phone is switched off for a long period. In these examples the phone network attempting to delivery the SMS will give up after a few attempts, usually after 48 hours. In other cases a "ready to go" SIM card may not be able to receive SMS messages if it hasn't been topped up with credit in over 6 months. All in all, your SMS will fail to deliver from time to time and this is unavoidable. It is important that your SMS Service Provider lets you know what numbers regularly fail so you can check with the subscriber. does all the analysis for you through Excel.

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Our innovative Pricing Model for Text Alert

Here at we like to keep things at a low cost for our new and existing customers and we offer a discount for any new customer who has switched from other service providers. The model is to keep Text Alert affordable for groups of all sizes. Our model essentially involves a low-cost monthly service fee and in exchange for this you will receive cost-price text messaging at just 3.75 cent + VAT per SMS. You can also issue FREE alerts to any subscribers that has our free smartphone app installed on their Android or iPhone. Our cost-price SMS messaging combined with free app notifications ensures that your Text Alert is affordable to operate at all times.

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