History of Community Text Alert

You may be wondering where Community Text Alert started? This blog is aimed at giving you a brief insight into its foundation, purpose and how the original scheme has changed and developed in subsequent years. The Community Text Alert scheme was originally developed by the Community Relations Bureau of An Garda Síochána in conjunction with Muintir na Tíre in 2007. This was developed as a result of a spike in rural crime and a growing concern for the well-being and safety of rural communities. The most recent Community Text Alert scheme, was relaunched as part of a national strategy in 2013, in partnership with some associated state agencies such as Neighbourhood Watch, An Garda Siochana and others.

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Multi-Channel Alerts: More than just a text message provider

CommunityAlerts.ie is the national provider of Community Text Alert services across Ireland. While this primarily focuses on SMS Text alerts, Pin Point Alerts are now focusing their technological efforts on a multi-channel approach including Smartphone Apps (push notifications), Email, Landline, RSS, Social Media and much more.

Community Text Alert by SMS is a highly effective method of delivering you alerts to your Community Alert Group. In this blog post we are going to highlight the alternative methods of receiving your text alert and show you how effective and potential cost saving methods of avoiding the cost of an SMS. In order to reach all potential subscribers, CommunityAlerts.ie are delighted to let you know how unique a service provider we are, in that we can offer our Community Alert Groups, a multitude of channels to deliver your text alert to reach your subscribers. This includes some members which may prefer to receive their text alert by landline phone call, an email or by push notification on our smartphone app. Our 4 core alert channels are as follows:

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