• Group Name: Carlanstown-Kibeg Community Text Alert, Co. Meath
  • Garda District: Kells
  • Gardai directly issuing alerts on behalf of the group: Yes
  • Contact Name: Mr Thomas Gaffney
  • Service Provider: CommunityAlerts.ie
  • No. of Subscribers: 167


One of the first groups to set up with CommunityAlerts.ie last Autumn (and the first in Co. Meath) was Carlanstown-Kilbeg. The group is affiliated with Muintir Na Tire and Kells Garda Station have been fully supportive of their Text Alert initiative. In fact, Kells Gardai have been issuing text alerts to subscribers in the Carlanstown-Kilbeg group since their launch during 2013. We asked Thomas about his experience with Community Text Alert to date, from the initial set up to the present day.

Case Study: Carlanstown-Kilbeg, by Thomas Gaffney (Chairman):

Carlanstown'“Kilbeg Text Alert was set up back in September / October of 2013. A number of break-ins and theft of vehicles in the area prompt a number of community members and I to act. The group met up and discussed the best way to set up the text alert. We discussed the methods we can use for our text alert scheme.

One method was a standalone phone where a community member would have the responsibility of holding and looking after the issuing of texts and also the legal responsibility that goes with it. We also looked at registering with a communications company that takes away the responsibility and the legal responsibility from the communities and their members for the issuing of texts under the Garda Text Guide lines.

The Group held a public meeting discussed our plan with the community and got people signed up on the night. The feedback was very good and positive. Our Garda representative spoke on the night and gave very good advice on how to progress forward. We decided to register up with CommunityAlerts.ie after discussing how we can progress with our data base. Our service provider gave friendly advice, guidance were very helpful in setting up this data base with ease. From there we also registered with Muintir na tire and put our insurance in place.

Information desks were set up in both shops in our community on a Saturday for registration. The registration fee is ‚€20.00 with two phone numbers per house to start off the text alert scheme. We also had an information desk after Mass on Sunday morning and asked the parish priest to announce our activity from the alter after mass. Sponsorship from local business has been received and helped to erect Text Alert signs in our community. We are currently looking into Leader funding in conjunction with our Community Development Group when that arises in 2015, this would mean that the registration for text alerts would be free to community for the next five years should we receive this Leader funding.

The overall process took about six weeks to set up and running effectively compare to the pilot scheme that took six months to conduct. Some teething issues occurred at the begging regarding the issuing of text messages. This was resolved with continued liaising with Gardai and CommunityAlerts.ie at the start. Thanks to CommunityAlerts.ie and the Kells Gardai members involved in this scheme for their hard work, advise, planning and enthusiasm that has made this scheme work and continue to work very effectively.

The working of the CommunityAlerts.ie website is very easy to operate and to update our contact lists, also to monitor our text alerts that have been sent. It helps keep a track of our costs on running the system. The customer service is friendly helpful and easily contactable. The cost is cheap and affordable for the service that is provided. I would highly recommend CommunityAlerts.ie for any of your texting service needs. Thank you again for all your friendly advice and help. 

Chairperson Thomas Gaffney, Chairperson of Carlanstown '“ Kilbeg Text Alert, Co. Meath

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