Company Overview is provided by Pin Point Alerts Ltd, a Kilkenny-based company that specialises in alert solutions. Apart from Community Text Alert, other services provided by Pin Point Alerts include local authority alert systems (, severe weather alert systems, sports group and team alerts, and various alert systems for private industry clients. We provide the technology for major emergency alert systems for many Irish Councils. Pin Point Alerts is an Enterprise Ireland client and the award-winning technology used on has been presented at the United Nations as a positive example of how innovative communications technology can greatly assist during emergency situations. All parts of the service are developed by a strong technical team with over 15 years combine IT/Web development experience. The entire system is built from the group up using in-house expertise and feedback from our Text Alert groups.


The subscription service was developed during 2014 and came to major prominence after the launch of the Garda Text Alert guidelines around that time. Over the past couple of years, the service has grown from a basic “text alert system” with SMS Text Messaging to become a robust community alert service that now delivers alerts by SMS Text Message, Email, Landline Phone Call along with our smartphone app for Text Alert. We boast over 240 alert groups across Ireland and each of these appreciate our unique business model which keeps the Text Alert costs to a minimum. Central to this strategy is our free smartphone app that subscribers can put on their iPhone or Android and this allows groups to deliver these alerts for FREE. The majority of groups using our service are Community Alert groups in towns and parishes across Ireland. However, over the past couple of years this figure has grown to include a number of Resident Associations, Neighbourhood Watch groups and Business Watch groups in urban areas. The system is primed for groups of all shapes and sizes and we encourage you to sign up and take a look at our comprehensive and innovative service.

Making life easy for Text Alert Managers

The service has also developed to assist group managers as much as possible with the administration of their Text Alert. Unlike any competitors, we allow groups to accept payments from their subscribers through our website to save committees from repeating door to door collections. This is especially useful for larger groups across wide geographic areas. also acts as an online paper trail for subscriber payments – you can now store any payment records in the system so it is quick to identify who has or hasn’t paid. What’s even better is that can send payment reminders to those who haven’t paid in the past year. Other time savers for Text Alert managers include the ability to generate a detailed AGM Report for your committee or AGM meetings with all the vital Text Alert statistics (costs, usage, subscriber numbers) in just a few minutes. We also provide the completed TA1 registration form for your Garda Text Alert Integration by providing you with a print-friendly document.

Perhaps the greatest pride we take in our Text Alert service is providing each group with a dedicated point of contact at Regardless of the query, we will take time to listening to your questions, comments and feedback over the phone and we will gladly help you with any part of our Text Alert service. If you are looking for additional information outside our service (e.g., recommendations for road signage companies, insurance companies, etc.) then we can provide all our suggestions too. We acknowledge that many group managers are not day-to-day Internet users and our service (or any Internet service) can be a little daunting. For that reason we have designed this system with simplicity in mind. We strive to get you through any teething issues that you may have have in order to get your group up and running with minimum effort.

Additional Community Text Alert Innovations

Apart from the core “Text Alert” service, offers a variety of spin-off services that have been requested by groups in recent years. In many cases we take suggestions from our groups and build them into the system for the benefit of everyone. One major development during 2016 was the introduction of Well-Being Notifications for older persons in communities who want to check in each day to confirm their health and well-being. If they fail to check in by a specified time each day, then will alert three linked contacts in the area to check in on the person. This service is fully automated and is available for all groups subscribed to

Another strategic development for is the integration of 3rd party alert content outside of An Garda Siochana. The service is now linked up to a series of alert content providers such as Met Eireann for Severe Weather Alerts and Local Authorities for water disruption, road closure and local planning application alerts as well bereavement notice providers. Each group can now tap into these local alert channels to get a variety of non-crime information to make the most of their Text Alert. We allow each group to mark their location on a simple web map which allows us to target these 3rd party alerts to you with the correct content. You will only receive water disruptions for your town/village and you will only receive planning application alerts from within a few kilometres of your locations, and so on. This way everything is local and relevant. While Crime Alerts are central to Community Alert, we believe that there is a range of additional alert content for your community that can be tapped into with no effort on the part of the group - we do all the alerting. It is always up to you what alert channels you decide to use.

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Our Long Term Vision for Text Alert

Text Alert should be easy to administer and, for the large part, should be a self-service system for group managers. Each improvement to our website is intended to make life easy for the Text Alert group manager and we strive to make our service as comprehensive as possible without being complicated. We have an IT development strategy in place for Text Alert and we will continue to improve the service over the months and years ahead. If something changes with the greater Text Alert movement, then we will react and update our service to reflect this. Our system is not static and it will always improve to meet the technological and community trends of the day.

Our pricing strategy is very important to us and we believe our monthly subscription service suits groups of all sizes. We offer cost-price text messaging at just 3.75 cent + VAT per message. By having a revenue model that isn't based on text message figures it means we are capped in our earnings and our focus is to therefore keep your costs down at all times. Our strategy is to keep Text Alert affordable for groups of all sizes, whether you are a resident association of 30 houses (our smallest group!) or a large-scale Community Text Alert group with over 4000 subscribers (our largest group!). We've got a pricing plan to suit your group size and to ensure that Text Alert is something that will always be affordable with great value for money.

The final part of our vision is to continue listening to the Text Alert group managers that use our service. Your suggestions become our new features. We have always welcomed feedback from the groups and our aim is to continue speaking regularly with the various Text Alert group managers to bring about the changes they require. It is the groups that ensure the success of Text Alert and we relish the opportunity to work closely with you at all times. 

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